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     M.E.D.A. was formed 45 years ago by Homer Alvarado,  Scorro Grajeda and a group of business and professional leaders in Laredo, Texas.  It was originally founded with the idea of protecting the human rights of all citizens and residents as outlined in the U.S. Constitution with an initial focus on Mexicans and Mexican Americans who were the most discriminated group in Texas at that time.


     25 years ago the organization incorporated in the State of Illinois and throughout all 45 years since being formed, Homer Alvarado and Scorro Grajeda have remain faithful to the founding ideals of M.E.D.A. as the organization developed into a full service social service non-profit with facilities in the Pilsen Community of Chicago.

     M.E.D.A. has a membership of 60,000 and is supported by its founders and membership dues.  Members are encouraged to actively participate in the organization and are considered a part of an extended family which looks out for their well being. 

 They are M.E.D.A.

(mejorandonos, educandonos, dandonos, ayudandonos)

(improving, educating, giving, helping us)


M.E.D.A.'s Programs include: 

  1.  Providing assistance to Chicago area Hispanics and Mexicans in obtaining legal status within the U.S. so they can secure better jobs and improve their economic condition,
  2. Working with Latino parents and teachers to improve the rate of Latino High School graduates, click here for examples
  3. Operating a food bank program that serves over 250 families a week, Click here to view 3 min. video of our weekly food bank.  (9 meg Win Media) and here for photos of food bank
  4. Insuring Latinos are aware of government programs that can benefit them and their families, including medical services, counseling, financing and education scholarships,
  5. Encouraging Latino Entrepreneurs to establish their own businesses through mentoring relationships with experienced business professionals,
  6. Technology access at M.E.D.A.'s Pilsen Community Technology Center including computer repair training and computer literacy training, click here to view 6 min. video of our CTC (16 meg Win Media file) and here for photos of Computer Lab
  7. Conducting MONEY $MART, Financial Literacy training in partnership with Chicago Banks where Hispanic immigrants learn how to open bank accounts and access a variety of US financial services, click here for photos of Money $mart.

4051 S. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60632

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