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MEDA provides a variety of support services to Chicago area students and adults registered in our training programs including:
  • Annual awards banquet each year for young Mexican American high school students with exceptional high grades in math and science,
  • Awards of free refurbished computers to our registered students who complete their basic and intermediate training courses,
  • No Child Left Behind online tutoring services provided by an Illinois State Board of Education approved provider,
  • Support to our various partner organizations for their student services and tutoring programs.

Photos and Videos from past education events:
(click here for a 5 minute Windows Media Streaming Video
) or
here to download our El Pueblo Education Publication (pdf file):

     Chicago's 2nd Annual Mexican Education Summit held March 6, 2004 at Westside Technical Institute was attended by hundreds of Mexican American students, their families, Chicago educators and Chicago politicians and civic leaders.  The annual event was a community celebration of Mexican Culture and Educational Achievement of Mexican Students in Chicago schools.
     Each year following this event, MEDA,  awards four exceptional Mexican American Chicago High School students each with a computer as a way to encourage those students to continue their pursuit of higher education degrees.   The first two rows of pictures were from the 2004 MEDA Award Ceremony held at MEDA's Food Bank, Social Services and Community Technology Center.  These award ceremonies are webcast live out to an international audience of bi-lingual education professionals and fellow colleagues in Latin America, Europe, North America and other countries as shown on the second row of photos below.      The third row of photos are from our No Child Left Behind Outreach activities at the 7th Annual Chicago Public Schools High School Fair at McCormick Center.
     The last row of photos are from one of our training classes graduation ceremonies where those students who have completed their 10 week training courses are awarded their own refurbished computers to take home.

Students receiving computer awards

Local community support turn-out

Student's Family and Friends

Close up of Physics experiment from Mexico

Webcast computer and webcamera

Photo of international webcast
and live videoconference

CPS High School Fair - Over 50,000 attendees

MEDA's staff at NCLB SES booth registering student

MEDA students taking courses

MEDA students with their certificates

Students taking their computer home