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Recorded Archives from Alado.net/webheads sessions. Click on the links for each presentation below. Recordings made with Windows Media Player for best viewing results please use Microsoft Internet Explorer:

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Writing for Webheads: World friendship thru language learning [Sundays 12:00-13:00 GMT]

A Community of Education Professionals
Established 1997


Warriors of the Net
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link to a movie on how the internet works


UN World Summit on the Information Society Archives



December 10, 2010, A Ph.D Webhead Research Project studying the Social Support Across Boundaries, A Qualitative Analysis of Supportive Communication in a Virtual Global Community of Practice, by Deborah Pincon.

February 4, 2010, Digital Workforce Education, Arturo Velasquez Institute, City Colleges of Chicago, Gabriella Pincon's 6th Grade Online Charter Schoo, Instituto Progresso Latino, Pros Arts and Illinois Dept of Employment Security's BaW 10 presentation. (best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer browser).

February 5, 2009, Digital Workforce Education presentation, IT ALCHEMY for BaW 09.  For best results viewing recording, use Microsoft Internet Explorer Browsers

November 12, 2008, Dan Bassill presentation to Indianappolis Mayor's Office and United Way of Central Indiana of GIS Mapping and Tutor Mentor Connection's Resource Locator for tutoring at-risk public school students and for locating community resources

Web 2.0 Out of Isolation Circles
Hala Fawzi, 05 June 07, Khartoum, Sudan

WIA Convergence 2007

21 st Congresso APPI, Lisbon, Portugal
Teresa Almeida d'Eca and Dafne Gonzalez

TESOL EVO 23 March 2007
Phil Hubbard, An Invitation to CALL

Part 1    Part 2

TESOL EVO 22 March 2007
Andy Bowman, tDictionary

TESOL EVO 21 March 2007
Susan Gaer, Collaborative Projects on the Internet
Part 1    Part 2

Gavin Dudeney's Tutorial on Second Life,
The developer and owner of EduNation

BaW 2007 Graduation Party

BaW 2007 Isabel Perez Torres
Online Quizes and EFL

BaW 2007 Graham Stanley, 04 Feb 2007
Podcasting for Students

BaW 2007 Bee Dieu, 29 Jan. 2007
Blogs as a Platform and a Presence Online

Barbara Dieu's Recorded Presentation
Braz-TESOL 10th National Convention

Click here for complete recorded archives

David Nunan: English Language Teaching: Current Trends, Challenges and Internet solutions

May 6-12 Tutor Mentor eConference Archives

Aiden Yeh Blended Learning
24 Feb 2005 Webcast Archive

Bee Dieu and Anne Davis EduBlog
18 Feb 05 Webcast archive

Andy Pinçon's 16 Feb 05
Illinois Online Conference
Current Uses of our Portal Archive, ( 2 meg pdf)

Bee Dieu's 31 Jan 05 Blogs and Bloggin in
Language and Learning Archive

15-16 November 2004 22nd Annual
Tutor Mentor eConference Archives

Webheads talk with
Chicago Hispanic School
5th Grade Class, 28 October, 2004

Bee Dieu's 25 August, 2004 Cyberlangues (French)

Teresa Almeida d'Eça, Vance Stevens and Webheads
May 18, '04 Tutor Mentor Workshop

Teresa Almeida d'Eça's April 29 '04 APPI
Webheads Workshop

Archive of Special Session on
Becoming a Webhead

Webheads is a robust community of ESL students and teachers who meet each Sunday in spontaneous, informal weekly online chat events since 1998. Chat logs are posted on the Internet to assist language learners with comprehension of conversations and to strengthen sense of community. All are welcome to join in, but participation in activities implies participant approval of recording interactions in this manner. Visit
http://sites.hsprofessional.com/vstevens/files/efi/webheads.htm for more information about community members and interests and for more information on the various technologies we use click here.  Most Webheads discussions begin in Tapped In Reception.


BaW 2010 Yahoo Group
Convergence 2007
Webheads in Action.org

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