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February 15, 2004
Becoming a Webhead
by Andy Pinšon, Chicago, Illinois USA

  •   5 minutes: General Introduction and background history
  • 10 minutes: On Alado.net, the technology and it's uses
  • 15 minutes: On how it's being used with Webheads and Tapped In
  • 10 minutes: On how it's being used by other international educators
  •   5 minutes: On our other work and technology tools in education
  • 15 minutes: for your questions and answers

I have placed a number of links on this page to visit and spend time exploring after this session.  Each link has a brief explanation of the content.
    1. 9-11 December 2003 United Nations World Summit on the Information Society, Geneva, Switzerland. Click here for webpage
    2. 28 August 2004, Barbara Dieu's Cyberlanguages Archives in French on Blogs, Click here for Archive
    3. October 28, 2004 Webheads from Japan, Brazil, Portugual, Kuwait, Venezuela and the US talk with 4 and 5 th grade bi-lingual class in Chicago, (click here for archives)
    4. Past events for Global Learn Day ( click here ) and our all Spanish Channel Session Educacion Tras-fronteras por Internet.  Click aqui for webpage
    5. Uses in Economic Development for businesses and adult learners.  Click here for webpage


Final Comments:
The Alado.net portal technology and our skill in using this technology and other tools has evolved over many years of research, development and use and represents only one tool in our repertoire of technologies used in distributing education and events to remote users. 
We see ourselves more as muscians playing music with these tools than as piano manufacturers and sales persons selling the tool.  For us, it's the music we all make that counts and the instrument should be as inconspicuous as possible and in the background whenever possible.
Andy Pinšon
Digital Workforce Development Society


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