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This Alado.net portal allows voice over the Internet and text chat, as well as Web page and presentation sharing.  The e-collaboration portal also allows participants access to recordings of a session for follow-up later.

To take part in a voice chat, you will need:

  • A recent Windows OS and Internet Explorer browser. 
    (MAC Safari and Firefox browsers access click here to login
  • A headset or microphone and speakers

PLEASE NOTE We've Upgraded this Portal with new features:   FOR PC'S PLEASE  FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW TO ENTER THE WEBCAST.  

For first time users of the new portal, first download and install, ( RUN ), the software. This software download is 5 megs.  

  1. Once you have installed the software you will see "Click here to enter the room". 
  2. Please click here to log on to the webcast portal. 
To access the webcast portal simply enter your name or your location in the space provided in the popup box, no password is required.

login screen

Michael Coghlan
Port Adelaide, So. Australia


Andrew Pinšon
Chicago, IL USA


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