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UN Sec. General
Kofi Annan

December 9, 2003
The Benton Foundation

As a nonprofit leader in addressing the digital divide, the Benton Foundation serves as producer and coordinator of the Digital Divide Network. Strong industry partnerships have helped foster an environment in which strategic integration of digital divide initiatives is possible with nonprofits and governments. DDN serves as a catalyst for developing new, innovative digital divide strategies and for making current initiatives more strategic, more partner-based and more outcome-oriented, with less duplication of effort and more learning from each others' activities. The shared knowledge base that emerges from DDN will go a long way toward establishing the right benchmarks for judging the effectiveness of digital divide initiatives.

The articles and resources catalogued in the Network are the result of research and writing by the Benton Foundation and submissions by individuals and organizations actively involved in bridging the divide. The Network's content is dynamic and is subject to ongoing review for timeliness, relevance, and other factors.

December 9, 2003
Opening session of World Electronic Media Forum with Kofi Annan via live satellite uplink picked up by us and rebroadcast out through our low bandwidth webcast portal. 
December 10, 2003 
Opening session of The World Summit on the Information Society with remarks by the President of Switzerland, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and others.
December 11, 2003
Over the past two years, the United Nations ICT Task Force in partnerships with several organizations such as Digital Partners. UNIFEM, UNFIP, UNDP, IADB  launched several Digital Diaspora Networks focused on South Asia, Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean. There is now some experience as to how these networks play a catalytic role in the support of economic empowerment through ICT. This roundtable brought together leaders from the ICT community to discuss how entrepreneurs living in the West can support the IT development in their countries and communities of origin.
December 11, 2003
Dr. Thaweesak "Hugh" Koanantakool
Director,National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) Thailand
Interview with the Thailand Minister of ICT on the role of Thailand in the WSIS and the delegations from Thailand attending the WSIS.  Also an update on current ongoing ICT Master Plan activities within Thailand. 
December 11, 2003
Interview with Bonney Bracey on the Role of Science in the Information Society.


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