Digi Bridge
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International Management:
COO/Director of Chapter Relations
Deborah Langhout

Secretary/Director of Strategic Partnerships
Elia Fernandez

Director of Education Curriculum
Dr. Clarisse Croteau-Chonka, Ph.D.
DWES Chapters:
European Chapter
Lukas O. Ritzel, President
Mexico Chapter
Gabriel Alvarez Solis, President
Thailand Chapter
Isabelle Michelet, President


If you are interested in joining our mission, please feel free to contact us by e-mail:

Digital Workforce Education Society
or phone USA - 773-741-6359

City Colleges of Chicago Videoconference Webcast Facilities

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USA - contact Andrew Pincon Executive Director 
Digital Workforce Education Society
Chicago, IL * US * 60608
phone: USA - 773-741-6359  email: admin@digibridge.org

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Refurbishing and Transitional Job Training Center
2821 North 4th St., room 314
Milwaukee, Wi 53212

Chapters of The Digital Workforce Education Society are located as follows:

Southern  Wisconsin - contact  Jeannetta Blackmon   
Northern Wisconsin: - contact Debby Langhout

Mexico - contact Gabriel Alvarez Solis

DWES Mexico A.C.
Calzada Santo Tomas No 100-A
Col. Barrio Santo Tomas
Delegación Azcapotzalco
02020, Mexico D.F.
Tel. 9112 5604

Europe - contact Lukas O Ritzel - online CV
Seestrasse, 6354 Vitznau, Switzerland
phone +41 (0) 41 399 0000
  fax: 41 41 399 0101