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Over 101 Ways to Use Webcasting and Videoconferencing in Distance Education

Videoconferencing and Multi User Virtual Environments are important tools in collaboration, teaching and learning at all levels of education today.  Courses, programs and degrees are offered by many higher education institutions via the Illinois Century Network, which combines live, face-to-face instruction and student interaction with the instructor via online technology.

This information is intended to publicize some ways that members have used videoconferencing, virtual worlds and online collaboration to enhance teaching and learning in addition to courses, programs and degrees.  We hope you find these ideas useful as a stimulant for your own creative uses for these technologies.

Our thanks go to the institutional partners who contributed these good ideas.

Dick Anderson, Coordinator - Fox Valley Educational Alliance

Clarisse Croteau-Chonka, Director - Chicago Consortium Higher Education

Peg Donohue, Executive Director - S. Metropolitan Regional Higher Education Consortium

Jennifer Gemignani, Director - N. Suburban Higher Education Consortium

Marilyn Lester, Executive Director - W. Suburban Higher Education Consortium

Andrew Pincon, Executive Director - Digital Workforce Education Society


Revised and expanded February 20, 2011
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Conferences and Professional Development Activities



February 16, 2011, Chicago Treasurer, Stephanie Neely hosts E-mail Marketing at the Chicago Cultural Center sponsored by Constant Contact


October 20, 2010, US Department of Commerce, IL DCEO, Illinois WorkNet and Northern Cook County Workforce Board, Conference on MANUFACTURE AMERICA

September 28, 2010, Illinois Broadband Deployment Council and IL DCEO state agency announcement and webcast of $350 Million in Federal Stimulus and State of Illinois Funding for high speed broadband projects.


April 16, 2010, Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) Migration to new Registered Refurbishers system presentation for all US and International existing MARs.


February 4, 2010, Annual Webhead online training for new cohort of Webheads 2010 on uses of distance education tools.


December 2, 2009, Youth Communications Forum, Columbia College, Chicago featuriing Illinois State Representative Constance A. Howard on Bridging the Digital Divide in Illinois. 


September 17, 2009, Wright College Humboldt Park hosts Illinois Representative Cynthia Soto as she donates computers refurbished by CIMA Technology graduates to Erie House computer students.


September 9, 2009, Interview with Casa Michoacan at their Chicago Federation Office in their computer lab about their bi-lingual distance learning program assisting Mexican immigrants to complete their primary education in Chicago and the various services provided to Mexican immigrants from the state of Michoacan. 


April 2 - 3, 2009, University of Illinois Information and Library Sciences 3rd Annual eChicago Conference at Dominican University.  City of Chicago Digital Excellence Update.   Digital Excellence Communities Updates


February 5, 2009, Digital Workforce Education presentation, IT ALCHEMY for BaW 09.  For best results viewing recording, use Microsoft Internet Explorer Browsers


December, 2008, Own the Networks presentation at Emergining Communications 2008 Conference, by Brough Turner, examples of 100 megabit fiber optics to the home and municipal fiber.


November 12, 2008, Dan Bassill presentation to Indianappolis Mayor's Office and United Way of Central Indiana of GIS Mapping and Tutor Mentor Connection's Resource Locator for tutoring at-risk public school students and for locating community resources.


September 16, 2008, American Planning Association, Illinois Chapter Special Presentations on Broadband Infrastructure, by Ron Thomas and Layton Olsen.  Click here for Ron Thomas' Presentation   Click here for Layton Olsen's Presentation and the Q&A 


September 15, 2008, Manpower, Inc.  Streaming video on Workforce Changes for 21st Century Workers


September 2008, Paradigm Shift in Technology's Impact on all levels of the Planet, DID YOU KNOW ??


July 24, 2008, Illinois Legislative Committe on Broadband and Computer Technology Quarterly Meeting with tesitmony from the CIO's of Illinois, Cook County and the City of Chicago.


July 14-17, 2008, US Dept of Labor, Employment Training Administration's Annual Conference, New Orleans, La. Workforce Innovations Blog.   Recognition of Excellence Award to IDES, DWES and Cook County Boot Camp streaming video..


May 20, 2008, Talking Communities Accessibility presentation to Illinois Department of Education and University of Illinois.


May 12, 2008, American Planning Association, Illinois Chapter hosts Joseph Mambretti Ph.D. from ICAIR.   Introductions  -  Presentation  -  Q & A Session.


April 30, 2008, Malcolm X Computer Recycling with Lowry Taylor and the Danny K. Davis Job Training Center, Chicago, IL


April 23, 2008, Midwest Supplier Diversity Council's annual Partners for Profit Trade Fair, Green Bay, Wi.


March 6, 2008, John Deere, Midwest Supplier Diversity Council's Quarterly Meeting on Innovation, Moline, IL


January 31, 2008, Conference between AidMatrix, Marquette University and Step Industries on entry level technology job creation program recycling and reusing computers from Marquette University and FedX-Kinkos.


December 2007, West Side Technical Institute, Computer Numerical Control Training Program with Industrial Machine Shop Instructor Art Perez


November 7, 2007, Midwest Supplier Diversity Council's 3rd Annual Economic Summit, Venture Capital Development, Madison, Wisconsin


October 12, 2007, Online Collaboration at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wi, with our offices in West Bend, Wi, and Chicago, IL during an Illiinois Dept. of Employee Security Job Fair being held at the Danny K. Davis Job Training Center, Chicago, IL


October 3, 2007, Midwest Supplier Diversity Council, Heart of Illinois Trade Fair Keynote Presentations, Bloomington, IL


Video filming for Chicago Channel 25, Show of Shows, Digital Workforce Education Soc., Cook County Sheriffs Boot Camp and Digital Development Corp. at Probation Challenge TV Studio on the campus of Olive Harvey College.


August 10, 2007, Barbara Dieu, Keynote Presentation MERLOT Annual Conference from New Orleans, LA with online international presenters and remote audiences.


July 13, 2007, Online presentation of Digital Workforce Education Society's electronic recycling, distance learning technologies, and job creation programs in Illinois, Wisconsin and internationally.  Online organizations included our Wisconsin Operations, Employ America - a partner organization and University of Wisconsin Washington County Continuing Education Dept.


June 11, 2007, Illinois Recycling Association, Recycling and Solid Waste Management Conference, Peoria, IL


June 5, 2007, Hala Fawzi, British Council, Khartoum Sudan, Web 2.0 Out of Isolation Circles, recording of first live international event from the Sudan.


May 18, 2007, Columbia College, Arts Entrepreneurship Center, Chicago, SBA Lender Workshop


May 11, 2007, Midwest Permaculture Workshop at the Milwaukee Urban Ecology Center by Bill Wilson from Stelle, IL.


May 3, 2007, Illinois Recycling Association, Food Waste Recycling Conference Videoconference with Ken Dunn at Digital Workforce Education's Chicago Offce and Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL. TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP for the first 8 minutes to hear the audio.


April 11, 2007, Midwest Supplier Diversity Council, Green Bay, Wi.
Partners for Profit Trade Fair


April 5, 2007, DCEO Homeland Security Procurement Technical Assistance

College of DuPage, Homeland Security PTAC, GSA Registration Criteria


March 23, 2007, Family Farm Expo, Chicago Cultural Center


March 21, 2007, West Side Technical Institute Career Fair


January thru February 2007, Becoming a Webhead 2007 Cohort,
A Global Community of Practice for distance education professionals


January 19, 2007, Chicago Food Policy Summit, City of Chicago Panel Discussion on Healthy Food Policy for Chicagoland.


December 6-7, 2006, University of Illinois Extension Service, Annual Organic Farm Production and Marketing Conference, Bloomington, IL


November 28-30, 2006, TEAM Illinois Pembroke Economic and Community Development.  Rural Agrculture Economic Development, click hereTown Hall Meeting and distribution of donated computers under TEAM Illinois Technology Program, click here.


October 21, 2006, Grand Opening of the Danny K. Davis Job Training Center for ex-offenders in partnership with the Allison United Foundation, the Digital Development Corp. and Oversight Committee and Digital Workforce Education.


October 1, 2006, Introduction to Permaculture Course, Stelle, IL's Center for Sustainable Community Part 1.  Part 2 (audio and text chat only).  Part 3.  Part 4-1, Part 4-2Part 5-1Part 5-2. and  Part 6.


September thru October, 2006, West Side Technical Institute Compost Research Project with MEDA, Digital Workforce Education and University of Illinois Extension Service


July 13, 2006, TEAM Illinois  Pembroke Multi Talent Resource Technology Center receives a delivery of 11 high end computers from Digital Workforce Education Society.


July 9, 2006, Brasilia, Brazil, Barbara Dieu's Presentation at Braz-TESOL 10th Annual Convention, Networking the Net


June 16-17, 2006 Midwest Renewable Energy Fair, Custer, Wisconsin.  Interview with Dartmouth College engineers on the national tour of their Green Bus using veggie oil as a substitute for diesel fuel. 


May 31, 2006, Sao Paulo, Brazil, MBA Conference on Knowledge Management for the Entreprise, in Portuguese, click here


May 11 2006, Bi-lingual Spanish/English International Conference and Videoconference from Madrid, Spain and Chicago, USA, on The Investigation of Postgraduate Education in Venezuela in the 21st Century


February 22 thru March 17, 2006, Olive Harvey College, MEDA, Digital Workforce Education Society's free distribution of DELL Printers to over 100 Illinois non profits., click here.


March 9, 2006, Illinois Central Management Services, National Conference of State Purchasing Directors, "Measuring and Sustaining Government Efficiency", click here.


February 28, 2006, Illinois Central Management Services, "Small Businesses Selling to Illinois", click here.


February 22, 2006, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity On Site Consultation with OSHA seminar on "Silica Hazards in the Ready Mix Industry", click here


February 16, 2006, University of Arizona Online Learning Conference "Use of Alado.net for International Online Teaching at Simon Bolivar University, Caracas, Venezuela", click here.


February 6, 2006, Illinois Dept of Commerce and Economic Opportunity International Vermiculture Symposium, click here.


January 28, 2006, Illinois Dept. of Human Services Secretary Carol Adams Keynote address to Rockford Food Summit, click here.


November 20, 2005, Bridges Across Cyberspace International Online Conference, "English Language Teaching, Current Trends, Challenges and Internet Solutions", click here.


November 20, 2005, Bridges Across Cyberspace International Online Conference, "Going Global with Webheads in Action", click here.


November 20, 2005, Bridges Across Cyberspace International Online Conference "Distance Learning Technologies for Workforce Training in High Growth Industries", click here  


November 16, 2005 Illinois Community Technology Coalition Annual Meeting, Springfield, IL Luncheon Keynote filming on Hurricane Katrina Wireless Communication Relief, click here.


November 16, 2005, Illinois Community Technology Coalition Annual Meeting, Springfield, IL Presentation on large scale Computer Recycling and Distance Education Program recording, click here.


November 9, 2005, TESOL Virtual Seminar, University of Hawaii presentation "Curriculum Development Strategies for EFL Teachers", click here.


October 27, 2005, Chicago Public Schools "Principal for a Day" Annual Event.  The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Gallistel Language Academy's Adult Learning Lab and student presentations.  click here.


October 18, 2005, TESOL Virtual Seminar, "High Stakes Assessments for English Learners", click here


June 15, 2005, SBA, SCORE, DCEO Small Business Awards, click here


May 6-13, 2005, International Week of Tutor Mentor eConference, hosted by Alado.net and Digital Workforce Education Society


February 16, 2005, Illinois Online Conference presentation, Digital Workforce Education Society's Uses of Collaboration Portal


January 20, 2005, IL Dept. of Commerce and Economic Opportunity partner meeting with Dept of Labor, OSHA live videoconference with So. IL. University's Entrepreneurship Center, Carbondale, IL and the John Logan Procurement Technical Assistance Center, Carteville, IL.


November 15-16, 22nd Tutor Mentor Conference and eConference Overlay at City Colleges of Chicago, District Office.  Topics include No Child Left Behind, Accessibilty, Virtual Collaboration Tools and International Collaboration with colleagues in Latin America, Europe and North America.


October 28 Chicago Public Schools, Principal for a Day at Gallistel Elementary School


August 25 Lycee Pasteur, Sao Paulo, Brazil Cyberlanguages Conference Workshop on Blogs with Orleans, France Workshop conducted in French.


May 14-17 Tutor Mentor International eConference online at Richard J. Daley College, Chicago, IL


April 27, 2004 Illinois Central Management Services Director, Michael Rumman's address to the  Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors.


March 20, 2004 Illinois EPA and Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Environmental Workshop for Illinois Regulators and Environmental Companies.


Introductory session Feb. 15, 2004 for Tapped In's global distance education professionals as future "Webheads", using advanced technology applications for delivering education curriculums at their institutions 


January 14, 2004 Disability Employment Videoconference between City Colleges of Chicago staff, members of Chicago Disability Works Council, Rock Valley College, Rockford, IL, and two handicapped and disability non-profit organizations.


The United Nations World Summit on the Information Society live webcast from Geneva, Switzerland, December 9-13, 2003


Global Learn Day 2001, 2002 and 2003.  An annual global celebration of distance education professionals from around the world conducted via the Illinois Century Network over a non-stop 28 hour period beginning in the Pacific Ocean at the International Date Line and proceeding around the world with live feeds being re-broadcast on local Public Broadcast TV and radio in some countries.


Illinois Small Business Development Center, US Postal Service and US SBA webcasts and small business educational outreaches throughout 2003.

Association of America Medical Colleges held a videoconference on Surviving the New Medicare Outpatient PPS: Expert Tips on Proper Coding, which permitted 38 Rush medical staff to attend without traveling. (Rush University)

Chairman of Pediatric Cardiology participated in a conference taking place on the island of Grenada in the Caribbean. (Rush University)

Department of Advanced Technology and International Medicine conducted a seminar on arthritis with another hospital in Saudi Arabia. (Rush University)

Forums for business leaders participating in a panel discussion on How Education Can Better Serve Business, with the opportunity for questions and answers. (College of DuPage)

Linked to the United Nations during an NGO conference so that local NGO representatives who could not travel to New York for the conference could participate. (DePaul University)


Physicians attend monthly meetings of American College of Cardiologists hosted in Bethesda, Maryland. (Rush University)

Presentation of clinical research by Dr. Black, Chairman of Preventive Medicine, reporting his findings to the Food and Drug Administration in Washington D.C. from a study he conducted testing the effectiveness of an experimental medication. (Rush University)

Research administrator took part in two medical conferences via videoconferencing. (Rush University)


Guest Speakers and Experts

Illinois Associate Director of Dept. of Revenue's workshop on the Illinois Digital Identity program for the Illinois Small Business Development Center Network 2003 Winter Meeting.


Illinois Dept. of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Entrepreneurial Forma at Waubonsee Community College for Western suburbs small business community.


Best Professor presentation to a high school class from a professor at Dominican University on the topic of Pre and Post Colonization of Africa. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

College faculty member and his class met with the facultys former instructor via interactive video to discuss a topic. (Elmhurst College)

Conducted seminars with experts from the east coast for Advanced Placement students in Statistics, Biology and Chemistry. (Naperville Central High School)

Connecting history, American issues, and political sciences classes with legislators in Springfield and/or Washington, D.C. to discuss contemporary issues. (Community School Dist. 99 Downers Grove)

Conversations with the Masters discussions with artists, musicians, athletes, singers, dancers, scientists, etc.

Corporate managers from McDonalds Corporation and Hamburger University delivered a presentation to five different high schools about doing business at the international level. Students at all five sites participated in Q&A session. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Cracker barrel conversations with local legislators (connecting the bills, political action with government class) via videoconference set up in Springfield. (Indian Prairie Community Unit School Dist. 204 Naperville)

Engineers from Rolls-Royce Corporation spoke to students about engineering today and career opportunities. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Forums for Gore and Bush to detail how they will assist education if elected with the opportunity for questions from the campuses participating. (College of DuPage)

Hosted a panel discussion in conjunction with the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders; leaders from the summit presented to people at DePaul. (DePaul University)

NASA space engineer in Houston, the director of the Aquatics Research Institute, and a diver who was dressed in full SCUBA gear, spoke while underwater with science class at Naperville Central High School  and Whiting, Indiana, about principles of buoyancy in water and space. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Professor from Iowa State University lectured to a class of medical students in Chicago. (Rush University)

Rush Universitys Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation are conducting Grand Rounds for staff at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Center in Wheaton. (Rush University)

Special guest speakers or noted personalities that give programs at one campus that can be shared with many other campuses. (College of DuPage)

Students in two classes dialogued with the governors office in Springfield on Law Day. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Use videoconferencing classroom to broadcast guest speakers (i.e. Certified Financials Planners) to multiple live locations and to capture the presentation for viewing at a more convenient time for teachers and students. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Students and faculty in two different videoconference rooms participated in multi-point World Terrorism Today discussion led by three UN Ambassadors in New York. (DePaul University)

Pakistans senior ambassador to the United Nations teaches UN and International Corporations course to DePaul University students from UN headquarters in New York City. (DePaul University)

Students at DePaul Universitys Loop Campus connected to the United Nations to hear the United Nations Ambassadors from Eritrea and Ethiopia speak. This was the first time in two years of warfare that the ambassadors sat at the same table. (DePaul University)

DePaul University hosted 25 representatives from 12 local nonprofit organizations affiliated with the United Nations in a special video feed from the United Nations opening session of the NGO Millennium Forum. (DePaul University)

Classes at six different high schools and a junior high class heard a presentation on China given by Dr. Yi-Qing Liu, Fullbright Scholar-in-Residence, College of Lake County and William Rainey Harper College. (College of Lake County)

Students located at two different high schools interviewed a local Congressman in a point-to-point teleconference. (Proviso West High School)

Students at two Maine Township high schools interviewed a theater director in a three-way videoconference on the subject of how to direct a play. (Maine Township High School) 

Fifty 5th and 6th grade students from Wilmette connected to a classroom of 50 5th and 6th grade students in Ireland from a distance learning room at National-Louis University in Evanston. (National-Louis University)

10 different institutions logged on for an interactive seminar led by expert speakers on the subject of Determining and Enforcing the Boundaries: Fair Use and Copyright Issues. (NSHEC)

An Officer from the Chicago Police Departments Preventive Programs spoke at different times with students at Kelly High School on the south side of Chicago and with students at Maine Township South High School in the northwest suburbs. (Chicago Historical Society)

Local high school students and their parents met with UN Development Program experts to discuss What is Development in preparation for a trip to Peru the students were taking through CARE Youth Corps. (DePaul University)

Thirteen different educational institutions participated in the expert panelist Cyber Citizenship: Institutional Examples Solving Issues in Fair Use, Privacy, Access and Acceptable Use seminar via interactive video classrooms. (NSHEC)

Seventeen sites connected for expert-panel seminar Creating Your Own Online Course: Intellectual Property, Ownership, Commercialization and Conflict of Interest Issues and Policies. (NSHEC)

Illinois Regional Consortia Directors connected 16 participants at a total of seven interactive video sites for a monthly meeting, eliminating travel time and expenses. (NSHEC)

Experts from five different institutions spoke to participants at 14 different sites on the subject of Getting Into It: Innovative Developments in Online Learning and Course Organization. (NSHEC)

Seminar on Tapping the Works of Others: Copyright, Fair Use, and Liability Issues and Your Web Site, connected 15 different sites across two MCUs. (NSHEC)


Instructional Activities

Educacion tras-Fronteas por Internet, a six hour Portuguese, Spanish and English webcast from Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and Chicago on Latin American Best Practices for distance education, professional development, internet security and disability and accessibilty issues in South America.

Accounting classes share data on spreadsheets in real time and see each others calculations. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Classes in other states that use the Internet to share work meet three times a term so that the students see each other using the interactive television system. (North Central College)

Conducted faculty information sessions with United Nations staff discussing the Global Compact. (DePaul University)

Connecting with a set of students in an archeology site in Greece while the students were in Greece! And prior to their leaving the U.S. connecting with the archeologist in Greece telling students about experiences they are going to have when they get to Greece. (National-Louis University)

Connecting a high school class with high school students in other consortia across Illinois so that our students have additional opportunities to dialogue and receive different points of view. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Connecting with professionals in various career fields so that students can begin to learn more about various options and to be able to ask questions of professionals already in that area. (Community School Dist. 99 Downers Grove)

Debate team can practice debating skills with other teams without leaving the campus.

Demonstrate applications of science and mathematics using on-site videoconferencing equipment at a business or industrial site.

Demonstration of new surgical techniques to surgeons and operating room staff via videoconferencing is a fast and effective way to update critical surgical skills.

Develop presentation skills of individual faculty and students by practicing using the video classroom (see themselves live and on videotape). (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Employees can continue their education by taking classes from other institutions via videoconferencing. (Rush University)

Foreign language classes can visit with students from other countries for a chat. For example, a French class can connect to someone in France or Quebec for a discussion of current topics. (North Central College)

Held career education panel discussions in accounting, international business and engineering with other high schools. (Naperville Central High School)

Liberal arts students in a Chicago suburb shared classes with historically-black college in Texas, enriching the curriculum and diversity awareness for students at both campuses. (Elmhurst College)

Library instruction sessions can be taught by librarians to off-campus students with access to videoconferencing facilities.

Medical professor in western suburbs on a tight schedule gave a lecture via videoconferencing to a class in Chicago which would have been canceled without this technology. (Rush University)


Medical professor in New Zealand co-taught with a Chicago medical professor. (Rush University)

Offer staff development between facilities and organizations. (DuPage High School Dist. 88)

Polish business professors and students interact with American business professors and students during and after classes conducted between National-Louis Universitys campuses in Nowy Sacz, Poland, and Chicago and Wheaton campuses. (National-Louis University)

Presented a program with students and teachers from Maine East High School on Hemingways Ladder. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Problem solving contests like a ladder or round robin one day a week, to keep skills sharp among and between schools in math, science. (Not a game show format, but schools exchange challenging problems and share solutions.) (Indian Prairie Community Unit School Dist. 204 Naperville)

School-business connections: student interviews of prominent figures (to practice listening, questioning, writing skills) such as Leon Lederman and other executives at Motorola, to make authentic curriculum connections. (Indian Prairie Community Unit School Dist. 204 Naperville)

Staff development as teachers dialogued with other teachers in different sites. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Students use the videoconferencing classroom to make PowerPoint presentations of business plans to other schools as a hypothetical entrepreneurial exercise. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Students created and performed a musical with two high schools in California, one in Texas and our students and staff at Naperville Central High School. All students came together in California for the one and only performance which was a tremendous success. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Teachers like to use the document camera even without videoconferencing.

Teachers and students use the videoconferencing classroom to prepare presentations using the document camera and videotaping the results. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Training sessions conducted for medical staff on Study of Women Across the Nation, an ongoing research project of the National Institutes of Health. (Rush University)

Training teachers simultaneously across multiple campuses. (DeVry Institute of Technology DuPage Campus)

United Nations ambassador teaches courses in two university departments using videoconferencing from the UN in New York. (DePaul University)

Videoconference College Campus Visits (get campus recruiters to interact with students live with questions about applications processes, courses, etc.) (Indian Prairie Community Unit School Dist. 204 Naperville)

110 Students at Northwestern University take a course on The Business of Hollywood, taught remotely from Los Angeles by a top entertainment lawyer. (Northwestern University)

Professors at Northwestern University and the New Mexico Institute of Technology co-teach a graduate-level class on the subject of Blast Design, the student of utilizing explosive blasts to achieve a desired state in rock masses. (Northwestern University)

Students at National-Louis University connected to the Research and Training Institute of East Aegean in Samos, Greece to learn various social aspects of Samos Island, and obtained a personal, first-hand account of Greek society and culture from college students there. (National Louis University)

Oakton Community College teaches courses from its Bed & Breakfast certificate program to students statewide over the interactive video network. (Oakton Community College)

Faculty from the English and Nursing departments at Oakton Community College presented on the subjects of poetry and careers in the healthcare industry to students at Hinsdale South High School. Some presentations lasted as long as 50 minutes. (Oakton Community College)

Von Steuben guest Yoshimura Momo Sachiko, a math teacher from Shima High School in Japan, participated in a point-to-point math seminar with faculty and a Japanese I class with Walter Payton College Prep High School students. Another seminar linked the schools with students and faculty at Naruo High School in Japan. (Von Steuben and Walter Payton College Prep High School)

Job Interviews

Conduct job interviews using the system, including one with someone in Taiwan earlier this summer. (DePaul University)

Conducted job interviews when one of the people involved could not travel. (North Central College)

Interview teaching candidates at a college that has videoconferencing facility. (Indian Prairie Community Unit School Dist. 204 Naperville)

Interviewed potential graduate faculty member from Norway (and hired him). (Dominican University)

Connected to eight out-of-state campuses for presentations by candidates for faculty and deans positions. (National-Louis University)

Videoconference job interviews (real workforce preparation). (Indian Prairie Community Unit School Dist. 204 Naperville)

Meetings of Students, Faculty, Administrators and Others

Conduct curricular departmental meetings which encourage the utilization of this equipment. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Conduct meetings of education related groups such as Illinois Board of Higher Education and Illinois Community College Board, including subcommittees of these organizations, to save travel time and cost. (College of DuPage)

Conducted across-district meetings; bringing people together to dialogue on various topics without having to leave their own buildings. (Community School Dist. 99 Downers Grove)

Conducted Student Organizations meeting with other schools student organizations. (Elmhurst College)

Conducted faculty and staff meetings at multiple campuses. (North Central College)

Conducted a career information session with students at College of DuPage about nursing programs from Rush University College of Nursing. (Rush University)

Conducting administrative and academic meetings of groups between campuses. (DeVry Institute of Technology DuPage Campus)

Connecting NLU Chicago campus students with students at our Poland campus in Nowy Sacz to discuss similarities and differences in higher education in the two countries. (National-Louis University)

Connecting Irish high school students with high school students in Illinois. (National-Louis University)

Distance learning with students who have taken courses in this mode can share the pros and cons with students considering doing so as a marketing tool. (College of DuPage)

Education classes and instructors planned China trip with former faculty now at another university. (Elmhurst College)

English-as-a-Second Language teachers from several school districts meet regularly to discuss common issues and plan cooperative activities. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Follow up visit with the student group who went to China. (Elmhurst College)

High school computer clubs have met using video conferencing. (Leyden Community High School Dist. 212)

Host a Science Lecture Series once a week for science teachers and students with scientists working in the field.

Hosted a discussion between high school students from the Chicago area who participated in a CARE program in Peru with UN expert prior to their departure for Peru. (DePaul University)

Illinois Dept. of Health held series of meetings with physicians, administrators and researchers at Rush University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Northwestern University and The Arthritis Foundation regarding public policy and arthritis. (Rush University)

Joint student government meetings for shared service projects. (Indian Prairie Community Unit School Dist. 204 Naperville)

Meeting with high school counselors about career and enrollment opportunities. (DeVry Institute of Technology DuPage Campus)

Meetings with representatives from partner institutions about our international programs. (DePaul University)

Meetings were held weekly during October and November between Chief Operating Officers of Rush and another health care organization in Virginia about medical administrative issues. (Rush University)

Meetings with foreign students and faculty before, during, or after a trip to a foreign country. Our students can talk to the students and the faculty they worked with during their exchange program. (North Central College)

Nursing students taking online courses can meet with instructors for counseling sessions in the video classroom 1-2 hours per week. (Rush University)

Physician gave a legal deposition to an attorney in Akron, Ohio which saved travel time for the doctor and allowed him to see patients that same day. (Rush University)

Planned a faculty development program on prior learning assessment with a university in South Africa. (DePaul University)

Student clubs from multiple schools can plan cooperative events and activities.

Student government representatives from different high schools or colleges can meet to discuss common issues.

Teachers in the same discipline can talk with teachers in other schools about topics, teaching techniques, ways to team-teach or share good ideas.

Use videoconferencing classrooms for intra-district meetings. For example, the Downers Grove Education Association (teachers union) could meet via videoconference, rather than wait for teachers to drive from one school to the other. This would also be useful if, for example, the two Foreign Language departments wanted to meet before, during, or after school. (Community Unit School Dist. 99 Downers Grove)

Use videoconferencing for WSHEC meeting. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Using the interactive video network to connect NLU to all its out-of-state campuses for meetings. (National-Louis University)

Online and distance learning faculty and support staff hold biweekly point-to-point meetings. (Oakton Community College)

Oakton faculty and staff from six area high schools conducted several meetings over the interactive network to discuss the feasibility of a mass communications career day. (Oakton Community College)

Northeastern Illinois University and Sullivan County School District in Pennsylvania are working together via the interactive video network to develop curriculum for an On-Line Expeditions Project that will connect students to live expeditions, field experts, artists, and scientists across the globe using the Internet. (Northeastern Illinois University)

Over 75 instructors at three sites connected for a workshop sponsored by Facing History and Ourselves, an organization that works with teachers of middle and high school students and their communities to promote academic and emotional growth in both students and faculty. (Chicago Historical Society)

The IT Department at Northwestern University, in conjunction with the University of Illinois held a seminar on videoconferencing activities over the interactive video network. Over 25 faculty members from both sites attended. (Northwestern University)

For over 10 months, Northwestern University used its interactive video system to conduct Y2K team meetings connecting 25 members at the Evanston and Chicago campuses. (Northwestern University)

The interactive video network was used to broadcast a faculty development seminar connecting six Chicago-area sites and five out-of-state locations in a cross-consortia collaboration. (National-Louis University)



Orientation of students at the Pilsen Technology Training Center located at MEDA, a 43 year old social services non-profit located in the heavily populated Hispanic Chicago neighborhood of the Pilsen Community.


Celebrating the Grand Opening of video classroom. (DeVry Institute of Technology DuPage Campus)

Conduct National Issues Forums for the Kettering Foundation via teleconferencing for our students, staff, and community. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Conduct special events for local newspaper reporters to visit and create stories about applications of video technology. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Graduation ceremony for 40 Library Technical Assistants (library certification program) at Glen Ellyn, Geneva, Edwardsville, Carterville and Decatur was conducted by College of DuPage on August 24 2000 on the video network (College of DuPage)

Medical student at the University of Alaska successfully defended her doctoral dissertation from Fairbanks with her advisory review panel in Chicago. (Rush University)

Produce some programs that teach teachers how to use videoconference equipment. (DuPage High School Dist. 88)

Received a satellite downlink transmission when one of College of DuPages satellite dishes was inoperative; NCUS 203 sent the satellite feed to College of DuPage via the T1 line, and College of DuPage resent this feed to other sites without interrupting the live transmission. (Naperville Community Unit Dist. 203)

Teen parenting classes with multiple high schools for new and expectant teens, using experts from Central DuPage Health and other health care / social service agencies.

View satellite downlinked programs that were previously unable to view because we didnt have a satellite dish. College of DuPage patched the satellite feed into the interactive television system. (North Central College)

Teacher at Willowbrook High School, Villa Park, defended her doctoral dissertation to her dissertation committee at Loyola University, Wilmette. (Willowbrook High School)