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General Information

Illinois Small Business Development Staff have been using the state's videoconferencing technology over the past few years and researching ways to deploy this technology to greater numbers of Illinois small businesses. This website enables users to access a webcasting portal which requires a Pentium III computer or higher with at least 128 megs of RAM or more, a regular 56k dial-up internet connection or high-speed access, a Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, and a sound card with speakers. 

Visitors to this site will be able to access a variety of webcasts and experience the various applications and uses of this point-and-click, user friendly technology.  If you have a PC microphone, you will be able to use the VoIP feature and communicate in real time with others in this portal.

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This webcast portal is based on a Windows Operating System.  Apple or Linux Operating Systems can access the webcast through a link for web browsers on the login page. Please use your Internet Explorer Browser to receive the complete features of the webcast portal.




Click here for the IL Small Business Development Centers direct link to the instructions for loging into the webcasts.

This webcast portal provides presenters and remote viewers with a wide variety of options from one-to-one videoconferencing to multi-site, complex international synchronous audio and video conferences. The diagram below illustrates some of the webcast portal's flexibility.


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