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Login Info

PLEASE READ ALL THIS INFORMATION, Then Scroll Back To The Top Of This Page!
To enter the SBDC Webcast Portal click on the graphic image below this paragraph or the link directly below the picture of the portal screen, (portal instructions are below this portal screen graphic).  As you move your mouse arrow over the picture below it will change to a hand with a finger, you can then click to download the java applet.


Click here to access the SBDC Webcast Login webpage


PLEASE NOTE We've Upgraded this Portal with new features:  
THIS NEW PORTAL IS BASED ON A WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM AND WORKS WITH A MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER BROWSER.  IT  DOES NOT WORK WITH APPLE, MACS, OR LINUX SYSTEMS AT THIS TIME!  FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW TO ENTER THE WEBCAST.   In the near future we will be able to include Mac Users in this portal along with streaming videos , but for the time being this new portal only works with a Windows Operating System and works best with a Windows Internet Explorer Browser.

  1. For first time users of the new portal, first download and install, ( RUN ), the software. This software download is 3.5 megs.  Click here to manually download or run the software.

  2. Once you have installed the software you will see a box with  "Click here to enter in the room", click on the link in the orange box.
  3. Please click here to log on to the webcast portal.
To access the webcast portal simply enter your name or your location in the space provided in the popup box,
no password is required
Once you are in the portal you will see a screen that looks like the one above.   It is in three sections:
1. a web page browser with webcast presentation material
2. a text chat area for entering text
3. a voice over IP section at the top for using a microphone and talking over the internet. 
You can change the size of these three sections by moving your mouse pointer over the edges until the pointer becomes a two-way arrow, at which time you can hold your left mouse button down and drag the edge to another location till you resize the individual screen to suit your view.

If you require help to enter the portal, call this number: 


and someone will assist you over the phone to enter the webcast.

That's all.  We trust you will enjoy the webcast.

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