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Supply Chain for Recycling Computers.
Todate over 20,000 computers have been recycled into Chicago Public and Private Schools, libraries, community based organizations and to low income families!


Over the past years we've developed an extensive supply chain of  computers from US companies, education institutions and government offices that are refurbished and recycled into schools, libraries, community based organizations and for low income families.


This large resource of Pentium 100's and higher desktop computers and laptops enable our Chicago area programs to have steady access to top quality refurbished computers at affordable prices.

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After the used computers are sorted and it's been determined which ones are suitable for recycling they come to a number of distribution and logistical centers. This is the Peoples Resource Center, located in the Western suburbs of Chicago. Here they are tested and repaired or upgraded and are then given to low income families and some community organizations.

For more information on the Chicago Recycling Program, click here to email us. Be sure to tell us what you are interested in and what organization you represent.


Click here to view a RealPlayer Streaming Media file of a Chicago Recycling Center. High speed internet, broadband connections of at least 300 kbps required for viewing.


As computers are removed they are shipped to Chicago area recyclers with over 400,000 square feet (>44,400 sq/m) of factory floor space. Here useable computers are sorted out for recycling and the rest are disassembled into components and recyclable materials.


In addition to the recycled inventories available from the local Chicago
electronic recyclers, the recycling program has been supported by major Chicago area institutions and companies like, City Colleges of Chicago, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and their member companies, US GSA, Chicago Tribune, etc. as donors of used computers.
The Mayor's Council of Technology Advisors estabished a sub-committee a few years ago, The Chicago Computer Clearinghouse, to organize the logistical and technical issues required to recycle up to 100,000 computers each year from Illinois companies into the program. The goal is to provide one computer for every five students in Chicago area schools.

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The photos below show some the logistical distribution facilities located in the Chicago area for receiving, refurbishing and distributing computers into the Chicago area schools, non profit organizations and low income families.   More recycling and refurbishing centers are being developed to serve the needs of those caught in the digital divide.


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