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Illinois Century/Illinois Video Education Network

...provides world class IP network to over 5,938 locations within the state of Illinois, the largest private education network in the world,
....serves over 2 million users, mostly students,
....utilization growth by users grows at 8% a month,
....has the largest bandwidth available to community colleges in the US,
....operates on a 24/7/365 basis for network management, upgrades, maintenance and repairs,
....the first state network to provide multicast video streams to be replicated providing broadcast quality
video from sources like, CSPAN, PBS, NASA, The Smithsonian Institution and hundreds of other sources, connected to Internet 2, pilot testing telemedicine applications from major IL Medical Institutions to rural locations.

Illinois Century Network Map


Public Schools - 3,461
Education Facilities - 717
Private K-12 - 200
Higer Ed Institutions - 512
Community Colleges - 120
Private Colleges - 70
Public Colleges - 37
Libraries - 407
Museums - 22
Municipal Government - 193
Others - 198
Total - 5,93

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Viewers with high speed internet connections can view a streaming media presentation of the Illinois Century Network high school mentoring program. Click here