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CTC Student Orientation

EXPECT A LATE START, more like 1:30 pm

M.E.D.A. will hold their first monthly Basic Computer Training Orientation from 1pm till 3pm on July 18, 2003.  We are expecting a large group of over 100 new students so be sure to arrive a little early to insure a place.  Should you be unable to attend Friday's Orientation, you can access the live event via a webcast by clicking on the Webcast Button and link below the Agenda. 
Welcome Remarks by Homer Alvarado, M.E.D.A. Chairman
Explanation of M.E.D.A.'s Program by Antonio Diaz and Ruben Legoretta
Explantation of M.E.D.A.'s Training Curriculum, by Dr. Clarisse Croteau-Chonka
Explanation of Westside Tech Institute's Partnership Support for Career Development by Dean Ricardo Estrada
Job and Career Opportunities and Need for Hispanic IT Professionals by Freddie Torres
Handout of Computer Assessment Form and Information Sheet to be completed before going downstairs to CTC
Tour of CTC and computer inventory
Closing Remarks
Click on the rotating graphic below to access the instructions to enter the live webcast.