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MEDA's Partner Labs


MEDA has partnered with additional community organizations located in Pilsen and Little Village.  The first partners are El Hogar del Ninos and Casa Michocan at Loomis and 18th Street for additional training.  Our latest partner organization, The Little Village Community Council, is at 3610 So. 26th St.  These new technology partnerships between MEDA, Digital Workforce Education, The Little Village Community Council, El Hogar del Ninos, and Casa Michocan greatly expand technology access and training to our area residents .
The Little Village Community Council project is intended to be our most comprehensive project todate.  We are installing a computer lab with 25 workstations and will be providing a broad array of community services through this outreach center.  As the project is completed we will be providing additional information on the MEDA website.
The El Hogar CTC Project is in three phases.  Phase 1 is complete and was to equip the older building with separate workstations.   Phase 2 is to install an additional workstations in the new building in two training rooms and setup the LAN and Internet connection through MEDA's main servers and facilities.  Phase 3 is to begin Workforce and Job Training jointly with El Hogar constituents and the IETC across the street.
The Casa Michocan project is complete and now provides technology literacy training in Spanish and is connected via the internet to the University of Michocan in Mexico providing online Bachelor Degrees in Spanish to Chicago's large immigrant population from the state of Michocan.
In addition to these satellite training centers in Pilsen and Little Village, MEDA has also provided refurbished computers to The YMCA Alliance for their students to continue their online education after completing their initial courses in Critical Choices, click here to access the photos.  MEDA has also established a computer training center in Rockford jointly with Patriot's Gateway as can be seen at this link, click here.

El Hogar del Ninos original building on the left
new addition on the right

MEDA supplied computer workstations

Homer Alvardo from MEDA & his sister Adelia Hurley
MEDA and El Hogar have a long history of joint service to the community

Casa Michocan computer training poster

Casa Michocan Computer lab

Casa Michocan Computer training station

Little Village Community Council
3610 So. 26th St., Chicago MEDA's new CTC

Little Village Community Council & MEDA classroom

One of the 25 computer workstations

The MEDA, El Hogar del Ninos and Casa Michocan CTC Projects are a joint undertaking of the following organizations:
  • M.E.D.A.
  • Little Village Community Council 
  • El Hogar del Ninos
  • Casa Michocan 
  • City Colleges of Chicago
  • Digital Workforce Education Society