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Europe and The Middle East, Friday May 6, 2005  Webcast Archive from this Session, click here

Presentation Presenter

 Opening of European Tutor Mentor eConference
Lukas Ritzel
 Live from Vitznau, Switzerland and The DCT Hotel and Business Management School's classroom,
 “Emotional Intelligence and Andragogy”:
  The Adult Learner
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Dr. Mark Esposito
DCT Hotel and Business Management School
Academic Dean of DCT - Dreams Come True
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Dean Dr. Birgit Black

Southeast Asia, Asia and AustralAsia/Oceana, Saturday May 7, 2005  

Presentation Presenter
 Opening of SE Asia/Asia Tutor Mentor eConference
 Live from Bangkok, Thailand
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Lukas Ritzel
 "Learning Organizations in a Learning World"
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Dr. B.K. Passi
 "A Journey of Learning from Learning -
Life searching happiness"

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 Dr. Hashi Passi
 "How to achieve Student Centered Learning through the support of Internet technologies"

“What Makes Good Educators & Trainers in
the 21st Century”

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Lukas Ritzel

Internationally - The Webheads, Sunday May 8, 2005  

Presentation Presenter
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Opening Live Music by Michael Coghlan 

from Adelaide, Australia

 Maggie Doty, Mentoring Tapped In Members
 Live from Germany,

 Live from Abu Dahbi, UAE, Vance Stevens

Michael Coghlan
Maggie Doty
Vance Stevens
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Live from Lisbon, Portugual, Teresa Almeida d'Eça
"Strategies that Build Strong Volunteer-Based Tutoring, Mentoring Organizations"

Webheads from around the world contributing their expertise on the subject of Online Mentoring,
Dafne Gonzales, Buthaina Al Othman, Barbara Dieu,
Teresa Almeida d'Eça
Dafne González
Barbara Dieu
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Webheads from Around the World Sharing Their Experience as Mentors or Mentees
Rita Zeinstejer
Buthaina Al Othman
Aiden Yey
Elder Bob
Fernanda Rodrigues

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 Live from Sacramento, CA, USA, Elizabeth Hanson-Smith and from Istres, Aix-En-Provence, France, Michael Marzio 
 "A Tutoring and Mentoring Activity -
Alado and REAL English"

Dr.Elizabeth Hanson-Smith
Michael Marzio
 The Tutor Mentor Conference and eConference Dan Bassill

Latin America, Monday May 9, 2005  

Presentation Presenter
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Live from Sao Paulo,Brazil and Kyoto, Japan
Bringing Learners, Tutors, and Mentors together
through Web-publishing:
Blogstreams and

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Barbara Dieu  & Aaron Campbell

Live from Mexico City, MX
Las Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación en el
Instituto de Excelencia Educatavia

(bi-lingual Spanish/English) click here for presentation
Gabriel Alvarez Solis - David Abel
Ing. Gabriel Alvarez Solis

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 Live from Querétaro, MX 
(bi-lingual Spanish/English)
Tecnologias de la Información y la Educación

Marisol Maranda

North America, Tuesday May 10, 2005

Presentation Presenter
 Live from St. Michael's College, Colchester, Vermont,
Interaction and collaboration in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
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Christine Bauer-Ramazani
Live from Chicago, USA,
 Connecting Tutoring and On-Line Learning
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Dr. Clarisse Croteau-Chonka
Live from Pleasant Valley, Calf.,
Online Tutoring
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David Winet
 Live from Vancouver, Canada, Frances Long
Knowplace and the KnowMads

Frances Long
Live from Chicago
Let’s Celebrate What Works in Your Tutor/Mentor Programs
Odette Samuelson
 Panel Discussion on Best Practices for Online Tutoring and Mentoring,
 American Public University and previous North American presenters
Richard Madison,  Frances Long, Dr. Clarisse Croteau-Chonka, David Winet
Local time GMT Presentation Presenter
May 12
8:00 PDT
15:00  Live from Vancouver, Canada, Frances Long
"Knowplace: ePeer and eMentor Relationships"
Frances Long
May 12
10:00 PDT
17:00  Live from Sacramento, Calf., 
Telementoring, Training and Technology
Barb Englund
May 12

18:00  Live from Sao Paulo, Brazil, an interactive classroom audio chat and songfest
click here for link to Brazil Class
with 5th Grade class at

Gallistel Language Academy, Chicago, IL and
Niños y Niñas de la Sierra IAP, Querétaro, MX
view a 5 minute movie of their school, click here

 Barbara Dieu 

                                Gallistel Language Academy

Niños de la Sierra

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