The 23rd Tutor Mentor Leadership Conference
eConference and Archives from 2004

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Why No Child Left Behind is important to America

Check on your state and your school's status

Illinois Report Card

Photo Gallery of November 15-16 Tutor Mentor Conference
and eConference

Photos of Marisol Miranda, Natividad González and students at CAM in Malinalco, México

View photos from the May 17th Tutor Mentor Conference


23rd Tutor Mentor Conference and International eConference Week

The 23rd Tutor Mentor will be preceded by one week of online conferences with daily presentations on Tutoring and Mentoring by education and business professionals from around the world. Click here for the date and time of  scheduled presentations.   (1May  05).

November 2004 eConference Presentation Archives below
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 MONDAY, November 15
 The Tutor Mentor Exchange - A Social Cause Online Database, click here for Archive
 Daniel Bassill - CEO of Tutor Mentor Connection - Opening Presentation
 Accessibility vs Inclusion - click here for Archive
 George Buys, CEO of Talking Communities
 No Child Left Behind - Virtual Online Tutoring for Students, click here for Archive
 Alec Ross Brainfuse, Inc.
 TUESDAY, November 16
 Virtual Collaboration Tools for International Faculty and Students
 DCT Swiss Hotel and Business Management School,   click here for Archive
 Lukas Ritzel, Prasena and Digital Workforce Education Society,  Lucerne, Switzerland
 Centro de atención Multiple de Malinalco Estado de México (CAM)  click for Archive
 Marisol Miranda, Akxes IT Mexico, Photos of CAM colleagues and students talking with
 Gallistel Elementary 4th and 5th Grade bi lingual Spanish/English class
 Lycée Pasteur 9th Grade Class, Sao Paulo, Brazil   click here for Archive
 Barbara Dieu's 9th Grade Class photos along with Webheads and Tapped In colleagues  singing and talking to Gallistel Elementary 4th Grade bi lingual class
 Accessible Technology and People with Disabilities - click here for Archive
 Marisol Miranda Axkes IT Mexico  and Richard Banks, EASI
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