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The Digital Workforce Education Society

The Digital Workforce Education Society, (DWES) is an International non-profit organization providing digital infrastructure, training and curriculum development designed to deliver distance education and online training for a 21st Century Global Workforce. 
DWES maintains internet servers located in cybercenters for the express purpose of delivering reliable online content and collaboration tools to remote users throughout the world.  DWES' collaboration tools includes board room quality videoconferencing, voice over IP webcast portals and online collaboration portals used throughout the world. 
Users  include US and International Federal and State Government Agencies and Ministries, a network of Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) located in Colleges  and Universities providing free business consulting to US companies, US and Foreign Education Institutions and individual distance educators, International Community Training Centers, and our Chapter Offices in the U.S., Mexico, Switzerland and Thailand. 
DWES also manages an industrial scale computer and electronics recycling and refurbishing program in Illinois in partnership with state government agencies.  The recycling program provides technology access and entry level technology job training to low income and minority populations in Illinois who are caught in the Digital Divide.
In addition, DWES has partnerships with a number of government agencies, education institutions, chambers of commerce and non profits and is an Illinois Entrepreneurship Network Affiliate specializing in curriculum development, multi-media digital production, technology training and technology support for economic development agencies, Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Networks and the host education institutions housing SBDC centers.
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