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Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce and Truman College Recycling Project

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce is the largest Chamber of Commerce in the Midwest with over 2,600 corporate members, many of whom are Fortune 500 Companies.  The Chamber was given an entire suite of office furniture by one of their member companies, BP/Amaco, and the new furniture was installed during the last week of January 2004.  The Chamber's Technology Policy Committee has been managing large scale recycling throughout Chicago and the Chamber decided to donate their old office furniture to the Chicago Recycling Program run out of City Colleges of Chicago District Office by Andrew Pincon, Chairman of the Chamber's Technology Policy Committee.  The photos below show the old furniture prior to removal, the furniture stored for removal in the Chamber's Board Room and the furniture once it was moved into Truman College along with pictures of where it was placed upon the project's completion in the Harry Truman Bioinformatics Center.

Chicagoland Chamber's old office furniture

All of the Chamber's office furniture
stored temporarily in the Board Room

Chamber desks and file cabinets in Board Room

more desks and file cabinets stored in Board Room

Chamber's office furniture moved to Truman College

Chamber furniture awaiting installation in
Truman College's new Bio Informatics Center

Location of new Bio Informatics Class

Chamber donated furniture in Biology Department

Chamber donated furniture in Biology Department

Chamber furniture Biology Department Head's Office

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